Take Me

Take Me

Take me with my broken wings,

My gaping holes and my bruised skin

Take me with my nervous heart,

Tell it it’s alright to let the healing begin


Take me with my splintered will,

My shattered belief and promises I rue

Take me with my squandered trust,

And teach my hope to swim anew


Take me with my sunless eyes,

With my ragged truth, nibbled by lies

Take me as I fall from grace,

Tell me it’s okay to take another leap of faith


Take me with my broken smile,

With my orphaned affection and my gnawing doubt

Take me with all my sleepless fears,

Help me shed those held-back tears


Take me as I become myself again,

As I shed yesterday that had me in chains

Take me, but you needn’t hold my hand

Just stay beside, and I’ll make my own stand


Take me, and show me the light,

As I walk away and exile the old

Then take me, and watch,

A hopeful, new story unfold