Proteem Bhaduri

We fell,

Like unseasonal rain,

Like staccato hail,

Like an avalanche of snow

Like angry waves on a hapless shore

Like a runaway meteor,

Like libido on ice

Like heavy sighs,

Like artificial highs,

Like capricious dice,

Like winter’s chill,

Like a junkie’s will


We fell,

With no harness,

With no handhold,

With no chute,

With no balancing pole,

With no wings,

With no faith,

With no poise,

With no grace,

With no end in sight,

With no respite


We fell,







We fell,

Into each other,

We fell,


We fell.


And no fall has ever been better






Hey You (Inspired in part by Pink Floyd)

Hey You

An Ode to Online Trolls

Hey you,

Out there on your own,

So lonely,

Raging on your phone,

Can you hear me?


Hey you,

Hurling vicious virtual stones,

And cursing a new-born,

Just to feel like you belong,

I fear for your sanity


You come online just to seek offence,

In your head, that’s the only way to say relevant,

Don’t you see you’re addicted to outrage,

It’s what gets you through your empty days


Your keypad is your only friend

Helping vile hashtags trend,

To elicit a response from your daily prey,

You’ll go to any extent

Because that’s how you feel important


You’ll defend the indefensible.

You’ll justify the reprehensible,

Seeking strength from a faceless legion,

Whose ranks are lonely, bitter, disillusioned, and absent of reason


Does it hurt to see someone happy online?

Does it immediately make them an adversary to your kind?

What happened to you, that made sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry,

Seem like your only way to contribute to society?


You twist free speech to meet your ends,

Perpetuating the delusion that it’s a license to abuse and offend,

And when you have no rational responses left (which is almost always),

Then convoluted whataboutery and selective nationalism are your zealous defense


Do you even know why you’re always frothing at the mouth?

Do you even have real conviction in all your what abouts?

Or is it just to seek a bizarre validation,

Of your sad inability to indulge in amicable conversation?


Hey you,

Out there in the dark,

Relying on vitriol to make your mark,

Can you hear me?


Hey you,

What you think is your strength,

Is just your insecurity,

Are you too far gone to see?


Hey you,

Let go of the ugliness inside,

Open your eyes,

Take back your humanity

The Maybe Song

Maybe it’s okay,
Maybe we should stay,
And watch the pieces land where they will

Maybe it’s alright,
Maybe we can stop the fight,
And give the scars some time to heal

Maybe you and I are through,
Or maybe we’ll find something new,
In the debris of what we had

And maybe our song was just this long,
Maybe our forevers were always wrong,
Or maybe we can find new lyrics to play,
Sing the song again in a different way,
And maybe we can start again

Maybe we can take a leap of faith,
Maybe we can rise above the hate,
And find the smiles we lost in the fray

Maybe there’s a window in time,
Where we can go back and find
The things we never took for granted,
And promises that weren’t recanted

Maybe there’s room for a second chance
Maybe there’re moves still left in this dance
Maybe it’s not yet time to turn the music off
Turn off the lights and make all the questions stop

And maybe we can find new lyrics to play,
Sing the song again in a different way,
And maybe we can start again

Maybe just for a day,
If we forget everything that got in our way,
And think about what made us start,
When simple words would gladden our hearts

Maybe it’s just a passing rain,
All this bitterness and pain
And maybe we can still find our sun
Go back to when you and I were one

And maybe it’s not too late,
Maybe we just have to wait,
Let all the resentment fall away
And watch our love rise from decay
Let what didn’t kill us leave us stronger ahead

And maybe we can find new lyrics to play,
Sing the song again in a different way,
And maybe we can start again

And maybe hope will always find a way,
To stay

The End of Time – A Gothic Ramble

The End of Time – A Gothic Ramble

I found a hole that took me to the end of time,

It seemed like a long, gravelly road with no beginning or end in sight

Above me there was a placid, unmoving sky, dressed in discolorations of white

Parts of the sky was peeling, like plaster off an aging wall,

Tears in the ether, beyond which lay a glimpse of the dark nothingness surrounding it all

Both a moon and a sun lay suspended in this decaying sky,

The sun a waning yellow, melting and dripping drops of its once-orange warmth

The moon with a diffused glow, a spider-web of cracks leaking its silver shine

The road was flanked by endless seas, blood-red water with shades of green

Still they were, these seas, nary a wave, tide or even ripple to be seen

Upon them floated the gargantuan carcasses of strange creatures that belonged out of time

And even the bloated, rotting husks of elder Gods brutally ousted from their shrines

To the side of the road, lay a mammoth, squirming pile; tall enough to touch the sky

Dark leftover feelings that found no closure in their own lifetime,

There lay hate, anger, rejection, jealousy, bitterness and more

All marooned here, to stew in their own juices, evermore

And in one corner, crouched the mammoth creature known as love,

Toothless, broken of limb, this once fierce, force of nature lay becalmed and tame

For here it was bereft of the hearts it fed on in time, its prey, its fair game

Scattered around it were memories, new and old

Broken, lifeless, growing cold

And here, at the end of time, all was quite

Day stood forever hand in hand with night

And there I lay, with nothing ahead, and no memory of what I left behind

And there I stayed, with never anything new to find

Of Words

Of Words

Words that heal

Words that break

Words that give you a gift

Words that only take

Words that spark love

Words that ignite hate

Words, so complete

Words, woefully inadequate

Words that help us cope

Words that strip away hope

Words that resolve

Words that exacerbate

Words that extol

Words that berate

Words that begin

Words that begin the end

Words that stay with us

Words that transcend

Words that open us up

Words that shut us down

Words that inspire a blush

Words that trigger a frown

Words between you and me

Words between we

Words that show us faces, the eyes cannot see

Words that make

Words that undo

Words that dissemble

Words that are true

Words, with everything to say

Words, sometimes with little to convey

Words, they take no kudos and no blame

Words are just there, for you to play the game





Allies in the Aftermath

Allies in the Aftermath


We crawled in the darkness,

We were stripped of light

We emerged from the battleground

There was no one left to fight


We wore angry scars,

Of intimacy turned to bitterness, and lovers’ wars

Our hearts were ripped ragged

Slashed by betrayal’s knives, jagged


Our feelings were battered and bruised

Every inch of us felt used and abused

We lay crippled by the decay of trust,

We breathed; we had survived the end of love, but only just


The world still turned, but it felt like it shouldn’t

It insisted we go on living, but we felt like we couldn’t

Though tomorrow seemed impossible, it would still come around

We awaited it inert, while our yesterdays still bore us down


Then we saw each other, there were two of us

Both victims of once-forever love now turned to dust

We helped each other up, on unsteady legs

Licked our wounds, gathered up the dregs


What we once had was now gone for good

Our worlds had come crashing down, on its pieces we stood

But if it was the same beast that left us torn, seemingly beyond repair

Perhaps we could heal each other, or at least try, should we dare