Hey You (Inspired in part by Pink Floyd)

Hey You

An Ode to Online Trolls

Hey you,

Out there on your own,

So lonely,

Raging on your phone,

Can you hear me?


Hey you,

Hurling vicious virtual stones,

And cursing a new-born,

Just to feel like you belong,

I fear for your sanity


You come online just to seek offence,

In your head, that’s the only way to say relevant,

Don’t you see you’re addicted to outrage,

It’s what gets you through your empty days


Your keypad is your only friend

Helping vile hashtags trend,

To elicit a response from your daily prey,

You’ll go to any extent

Because that’s how you feel important


You’ll defend the indefensible.

You’ll justify the reprehensible,

Seeking strength from a faceless legion,

Whose ranks are lonely, bitter, disillusioned, and absent of reason


Does it hurt to see someone happy online?

Does it immediately make them an adversary to your kind?

What happened to you, that made sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry,

Seem like your only way to contribute to society?


You twist free speech to meet your ends,

Perpetuating the delusion that it’s a license to abuse and offend,

And when you have no rational responses left (which is almost always),

Then convoluted whataboutery and selective nationalism are your zealous defense


Do you even know why you’re always frothing at the mouth?

Do you even have real conviction in all your what abouts?

Or is it just to seek a bizarre validation,

Of your sad inability to indulge in amicable conversation?


Hey you,

Out there in the dark,

Relying on vitriol to make your mark,

Can you hear me?


Hey you,

What you think is your strength,

Is just your insecurity,

Are you too far gone to see?


Hey you,

Let go of the ugliness inside,

Open your eyes,

Take back your humanity


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