The End of Time – A Gothic Ramble

The End of Time ā€“ A Gothic Ramble

I found a hole that took me to the end of time,

It seemed like a long, gravelly road with no beginning or end in sight

Above me there was a placid, unmoving sky, dressed in discolorations of white

Parts of the sky was peeling, like plaster off an aging wall,

Tears in the ether, beyond which lay a glimpse of the dark nothingness surrounding it all

Both a moon and a sun lay suspended in this decaying sky,

The sun a waning yellow, melting and dripping drops of its once-orange warmth

The moon with a diffused glow, a spider-web of cracks leaking its silver shine

The road was flanked by endless seas, blood-red water with shades of green

Still they were, these seas, nary a wave, tide or even ripple to be seen

Upon them floated the gargantuan carcasses of strange creatures that belonged out of time

And even the bloated, rotting husks of elder Gods brutally ousted from their shrines

To the side of the road, lay a mammoth, squirming pile; tall enough to touch the sky

Dark leftover feelings that found no closure in their own lifetime,

There lay hate, anger, rejection, jealousy, bitterness and more

All marooned here, to stew in their own juices, evermore

And in one corner, crouched the mammoth creature known as love,

Toothless, broken of limb, this once fierce, force of nature lay becalmed and tame

For here it was bereft of the hearts it fed on in time, its prey, its fair game

Scattered around it were memories, new and old

Broken, lifeless, growing cold

And here, at the end of time, all was quite

Day stood forever hand in hand with night

And there I lay, with nothing ahead, and no memory of what I left behind

And there I stayed, with never anything new to find


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