Allies in the Aftermath

Allies in the Aftermath


We crawled in the darkness,

We were stripped of light

We emerged from the battleground

There was no one left to fight


We wore angry scars,

Of intimacy turned to bitterness, and lovers’ wars

Our hearts were ripped ragged

Slashed by betrayal’s knives, jagged


Our feelings were battered and bruised

Every inch of us felt used and abused

We lay crippled by the decay of trust,

We breathed; we had survived the end of love, but only just


The world still turned, but it felt like it shouldn’t

It insisted we go on living, but we felt like we couldn’t

Though tomorrow seemed impossible, it would still come around

We awaited it inert, while our yesterdays still bore us down


Then we saw each other, there were two of us

Both victims of once-forever love now turned to dust

We helped each other up, on unsteady legs

Licked our wounds, gathered up the dregs


What we once had was now gone for good

Our worlds had come crashing down, on its pieces we stood

But if it was the same beast that left us torn, seemingly beyond repair

Perhaps we could heal each other, or at least try, should we dare


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