(Hello again, Bombay)

 I’m back, you sexy beast

Back among your unblinking lights and endless streets

Back to taste your sultriness on my face

To be pounded by your waves, and feel their salty caress


I’m back, to grab you by the scruff of your neck and ride

Or sometimes, on me have you astride,

To be swept off my feet by your tides

And then get up, and sweep your wanton waves aside


I’m back to stay awake to nights that never dim

Across winters that never arrive and summers that need a trim

I’m back to get wet in the unabashed showers of your monsoon,

To see a grapefruit sun dip below the sea’s greedy brim


I’m back to pick up the threads,

Of unfinished stories and plots left twisted

To find some answers that I left unheard

To say some words too long left unsaid


I’m back to put out some fires,

Bury some lingering desires,

To exorcise some ghosts of yesterday

To get some closure along the way


To see some faces so I can erase them from memory

To walk on some roads whose curves are still mapped within me

To re-acquaint and renew, where I can

If not, to move on and begin again


I’m back; there are new people to meet,

New memories to make and new feelings to greet

There are stories I have to tell anew

While some frayed knots I undo


I’m back, you sexy beast,

I know that you missed me

We were good together, you and I

And that’s how we’ll still be


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