I’ve seen stalwart hearts take a mighty fall

I’ve seen bold feelings get mauled

I’ve seen the slaughter of precious trust,

Of love gone wrong, I might have seen it all


I’ve felt the touch of dead intimacy’s ghost

Smelt the reek of passion gone sour

Watched desire depart, and familiarity become an uneasy host

I’ve swept the pieces of shattered promises off the floor


I’ve seen love grow backwards, and into hate unfold

I’ve felt the warm side of the bed turn bitterly cold

I’ve seen longing strike, and fell even a friendship old

I’ve seen the heart mutiny; not do what it’s told


I’ve battled for love, and then seen love itself become war

I’ve seen it take no prisoners, and destroy what it once held close

I’ve felt the holes you can’t see when you’re suddenly no longer whole

I’ve know winters that never seemed to end, and once-bright suns that froze


I’ve seen tender memories grow vicious fangs

I’ve seen indulgence boomerang,

I’ve seen lofty pride stoop to crawl,

Of love gone wrong, I’ve probably seen it all


But I’ve seen all of that and more,

Only because I’ve seen its glorious, heartening flip-side too,

And so I continue to continue,

Because, really, what else can one do?




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