In The Dark


 He saw her there…

Moonlit eyes, golden hue and flaxen hair

Flanked by the shimmery outline of gossamer wings

Draped in moonlight, shades of dawn and other celestial things

Her lips seem to bulge with caches of wine,

The dip of her chin, an angle divine

Her gaze, which can see beyond eternity’s eyes

Her breath, a mixture of fire and ice

Her heaving bosom, destroyer of any man’s will

Her soft embrace, offering both virtue and vice

Her lissome legs that can outrun the toll of time

Her unbreakable spirit that can any resistance tire

He saw her there, the deity of unabashed desire


She saw him there…

Sculpted chin, eyes dark as sin and broad shoulders bare

Silken mane and bronzed skin with tenderness in his stare

A warrior’s face and a poet’s gaze

Bulging arms that can stop the world

Ample chest that’ll withstand any stone hurled

Or let you sleep on it, lazily curled

A generous heart ready to right your wrongs

Yet wild enough to any forest roam

A smile like an invitation unfurled

A manner as gentle as a lover’s song

Strapping legs, that will forever stay at your side

While they wade through trouble’s strongest tide

She saw him there, an idol of all that’s right


Then the lights came back on,

And there was just you and me there




3 thoughts on “In The Dark

  1. I am always in awe of your delicacy in dealing with details, and how you draw out each thread of description, one word at a time. It’s something I can only aspire to do. What skill.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

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