The Race


We’re all raring to go, it’s almost time

Poised and ready, straddling the starting line

There are thousands competing in this coveted race

But only one winner, and that honor shall be mine


From the moment I came to be,

This was always my only destiny

To compete with all my anxious, desperate brethren

And get to the winners circle, be the first to the end


For each of us, get only the one chance

To prove our worth and so our life enhance

For in failing to win this climactic race,

There is not only elimination, but also, untold disgrace


This is the moment we’ve all readied for,

Fitter, stronger, faster; all striving to be more

Brothers we are all, but once the race begins

Thriving by being the only victor, is all that remains


And now, as the Starter’s gun fires, we’re all off in a surge,

Sprinting, screaming, thundering down this slippery slope

No quarters taken, none given, as we lunge, jostle and diverge

Each one trying to outdo the other, eyes only on the victory orb


I swoop well ahead of the pack, with only one contender at my back

With the finish-line mere milliseconds away, I deck my opponent with an elbow-attack

Victory is now surely mine, and after all, the winner takes it all

I make a triumphant leap at my goal, only to smash into a transparent contraceptive wall.


We all splatter; fade to black.


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