A Kiss Goodbye

A Kiss Goodbye

He gazed at her; his pulse quickening and blood racing

Her slender form; like a delicate, ethereal tracing

Unfurled on a sheet of white, silken

Awaiting his touch, his wild abandon


She wasn’t the first he’d been with, by far

But each time for him had its own special thrill

And she was finer than the others, far from run-of-the-mill

Even her skin was spotless, not a single wrinkle or scar


She remained prone, unmoving, as he settled in beside her

But that was fine with him; he liked being in control

Slowly reveling in everything they had to offer

Even as they remained cast in their submissive role


Now he lent in close, primed to begin

His fingers caressed her naked skin

From alabaster forehead to prim toe

His breath followed, traversing her shapely contours


Finally, he pulled her in close,

Wrapped her in his arms as his ardor rose

He draped her compliant body with his,

And fastened his lips on hers, for an impassioned kiss


Suddenly he stiffened and sprang back with a start,

A silent scream on his lips and hands on his heart

There was terror on his face as he keeled from a fatal heart attack

After all, a Necrophiliac doesn’t expect his partner to kiss back


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