The Intruder



I want to go back to sleep again,

Pretend what I’m looking at is part of some twisted dream

Wake up to the ordinary; my normal bleak morning

Where sights that threaten my sound reality don’t intervene


But it’s a trifle too late to hide behind such lies,

Leftover sleep has been brutally yanked out of my eyes

My heart’s racing like a train off the rails, my limbs afraid to leave the bed,

With lips, dry as death and unsteady breath, I just stare at them, in growing dread


Several times I close my eyes, hoping they’ll be gone when I open them again

But each time the same sight awaits, an obscenity refusing to wane

My mind searches for explanations; who, why and how they could possibly be there

But inexplicable it remains, and I can only wonder if I’ve gone insane


I know they weren’t there when I slept  the night before

Had they been, I would have noticed for sure

Their dusty shapes stand out in sharp contrast

On an otherwise clean surface, spotless at large


If I were to guess, I would put them at a size 9

At least two sizes bigger and broader than mine

Side by side, they are clearly a matched set

Two perfectly formed footprints, both right and left


But why the hell are they on my ceiling, fifteen feet overhead?


3 thoughts on “The Intruder

  1. As always, I don’t know how you do rhyming so well. I can never think of the right words that sound the right way, and yet…there you go, making it seem so easy.

    Love the ending.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

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