Unwanted Tenants

Unwanted Tenants

No, I don’t remember;

those scant occasions when your lips ignored their usual measured smile and reached for your ears instead,

with your head thrown so far back that it tested your neck.

Or those times when you convulsed with muted mirth; every inch of you shook yet barely did a sound escape,

as if you were worried that this rare hilarity might stage a prison-break.


You’re wrong to believe that I still have any memories;

Of those sucked-in lips, when you were peeved,

or the saucy dip of your chin, when you were being a tease.

Nor indeed, of the playground of expressions on your face as you read something enthralling,

or the flush on the back of your neck, when you found something appalling.


It’s pure myth that I recall;

the fierce slant of your eyebrows when you made a point,

and the rapid-fire rat-a-tat of words when you were on a roll.

The awkward pout of your lips when you applied your lip balm,

or the roll of your eyes whenever my stubbornness tested your calm.


Never do I think of;

how you would scold the crows

while indulgently feeding them every day at the kitchen windows.

Or how precious were your one-sided chats with the cat and the dog

and once in a while, even with the errant lap-top.


Please do not think, that I ever reminisce;

about that tiny crease in your brow, as you birthed your wonderful stories to life

and the annoyed bent of jaw, ready to snap heads off; if you were interrupted meanwhile.

Of the childish glee, you found in startling people with your toy- monsters tableau,

or how very often I’d find you lost to the World in a book-store.


My ruminations never travel;

to images of you prancing in the rain,

or licking the icing from the bottom of the baking tray.

Nor to moments when you almost ground the stirrer into the cocktail glass, in a signal of extreme irritation

or those three deep breaths you would take to rein in your frustration.


Certainly I’ve never introspected about;

how sometimes amidst people and conversations, that faraway glance said you longed to escape to your iPod,

and how finishing the cryptic crossword in a single sitting, made you self-applaud.

The way the thought of coffee would make you beam,

or the way you crinkled your nose daintily at most things main-stream.


This, that and so many more of the others – your countless moods undefined,

none of them do I ever re-collect voluntarily.

So, instruct these vagrant, unruly phantom mementos you left behind,

to seek residence elsewhere, and stop haunting me.


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