The courtyard of my Mind

Happy memories chatter and frolic under a patch of sun,

Of different ages, from different phases, but each having fun

The sad, bitter ones sulk in the dark corners, licking their wounds,

Watching and plotting, waiting for Misery to return


In the courtyard of my Mind…


There’s a rusty old swing there, still proud and spry,

Although it creaks a bit when Hope and Faith take turns to ride

A sprawling Banyan tree by the name of Will looms alongside,

Its vines are called Tenacity,

On its branches though, gnarly Regret also resides


In the courtyard of my Mind…


Out front is the little garden, speckled with the motley flowers

That blossomed with each Love of my life,

Some standing tall, some shrivelled now, some drooping, yet still alive

Amongst them also lurk the black weeds of heartbreak,

Sometimes threatening to overrun all colour in sight


In the courtyard of my Mind…


To the side, lies the sometimes-murky pool of humanity,

Its surface roiled often, by the pebbles of vice

But sprites of Good also live within in it,

And when left alone, they usually tame the errant tides


All of this I can imagine, there’s much more beyond my sight,

Some I hope to see someday, some I dread to find;

In the courtyard of my Mind.


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