On Love

We could go on playing with words to define Love. Be romantic, cynical or half-assed witty. But in the end, here’s what it comes down to: Love will quite literally give you wings, take you higher than anything else has the power to. It will also clip those wings someday and make you fall faster and deeper than you ever have. Love will infuse every pore of your body and soul with the kind of joy, bliss and contentment that you never believed possible before you actually experienced it. Love will also stab you at the very core of your existence -in parts so vulnerable that no one else but Love could know of them- and leave you curled up in a fetal position, wailing like a wounded animal.
To know Love is to know both these creatures. Eventually one will stay and the other will only occasionally rear its head. But, sadly, as far as my own not entirely limited experience has taught me, no one ever knows which one they’re going to end up with. In the end, Love is a leap of faith.


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