You hand-held me all the way to rehab but i said ‘No, no, no.’

Then you kicked me out so fast not even my ass caught the door,

So i poured in and i spewed out, looked in to the abyss and called it out,

Found me a darkness that’s all my own, Occupied Alone St. and dug me up a bone;


And now I’m Falling,

I don’t believe I can fly,

I am falling,

Is that my life flashing by?

I’m careening,

No, I ain’t gathering no moss,

Oh, I am falling,

Guess this is goodbye, ole hoss.


Grovelled with you to be let back in, you ‘n me, Baby, For the win,

But you stood defiant so then I got mean,

Channeled my inner Gibson and Sheen,

But all of my rants took nary a toll.

All it did was push me closer to the hole;


And now I’m Falling,

Damn, this chute has no cord,

I am Tripping,

Like a broken record,

Oh, I’m Fading,

Where’s my Machina ex Deux?


Is this my final adieu?


Then came the apologies, the promises, the Semper Fi,

Too liberal, too late, the truth now shape-shifted amongst the lies,

You had moved on, I had moved in,

This bottle may have a modest Without, but it has a heckuva Within,


Now I’m Falling,

Won’t you beam me up, Scotty?

I’m screaming,

Can’t you hear me, Pavarotti?


Like a plummeting Star,

I am Falling,

No more encores for me, but I ain’t 27 by far


So now I’m a paradox, a static projectile,

In stasis, yet descending many a mile,

Will I burn up on re-entry, self-destruct, and no more ado?

Or will I take out my World as I impact Two-Oh-One-Two?


Now I’m Falling,

Say Halleluah, Say Rapture,

Do I hear you calling?

Am I a MAyaN made Disaster?

I am Falling,

Everybody, head for the Shore,


After, could somebody please mop up the floor?



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